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16U Lady Eagles Varsity Players

Ainslea Valera - Kempsville
Madelyn Murray - Indian River
Misa Murphy - Norview
Emily Meszaros - Tallwood
Kennedy Lindhardt - Pasquotank
Robin Jordan-Stiff - Bayside
Shayna Grimes - Green Run
Elisabeth Flora - Ocean Lakes
Mekiyah Encalade - Norview
Katie Brawn - Kellam
Mary Bell - Green Run
Samantha Barbe - Princess Anne

18U Lady Eagles Varsity Players

Makayla Boone
Tessa Dodson
Kelsey Edwards
Christina Housley
Savannah Jaecks
Ella Miller
Brooke Patrick
Keely Patton
Jenna Randolph
Jocelyn Rogers
Morgan Sutton

Who We Are

The Virginia Lady Eagles is a year-round, fast pitch softball organization dedicated to fostering teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership through competition on the playing field. Superior playing skills, academic acumen, respect for other players, and the willingness to learn and excel are the personal traits of the Virginia Lady Eagles players.

We are a non-profit corporation located in Virginia Beach, VA. We field 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U travel teams. Our drive for excellence on and off the field results in our seniors going to colleges with some type of athletic or academic scholarships.

Why Virginia Lady Eagles?

  •  Low buy in!
  •  Lower buy in if you make the team the following year.
  •  We are bingo funded - only every 4 weeks: single sessions on Saturdays, 11AM-5PM! Also, you have the option to hire a sub to work for you.  Subs are available on a first come first serve basis.
  •  All of your player's travel is paid for outside a 50 mile radius of Virginia Beach. WHAT?!?! Food, hotel, and travel, that's all free?! Yup!!
  • Volunteer fund raising - NOT mandatory ! Coaches discretion. 
  • Winter conditioning at our indoor facility with a personal trainer!
  • VLE gives scholarships!
  • You OWN your gear. If you leave , it's yours. We don't want to give out used uniforms and apparel.
  •  All of our seniors are signed to continue playing ball in college. 

Did you know that VLE offers all of these things? Click HERE to learn more about the history this organization and what it has to offer your athlete and family. 



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Adam Robinson


Mary Kelly  
Vice President  


Stephanie Barbe

Stephanie Barbe

Please contact me about team updates!

Phone: 757-450-0053